Wednesday, 18 February 2015

The problem with Inception(The Movie)

Hoping that you have already seen the movie, I will highlight a few points which are of vital importance and constitute the main part of Inception. To all those who have not seen Inception, I will give a quick review of the problem. When the protagonists enter his dreams, and again in this dream he dreams of another dream which finally lands him into a world of recursive dreams. The problem he faced was that he couldn't identify exactly which was the last dream. So he was stuck at one place not knowing exactly whether to go back to the previous dream or accept the current situation as reality.

But my problem is very different from the problem Inception faced.The person who is watching the dream when rises from it, how can you convince yourself that the rising part is not another dream.
To make the problem clear let me elucidate it with an example-
Suppose there is a person named John who is dreaming. Now he wants to get up. So instead of the usual thinking i.e. of  rising from bed, he again dreams of rising from bed. The problem is that he is watching a dream within a dream but he is not aware of the problem.

P.S. - Just an idea

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