Sunday, 24 August 2014

Marriage is mass hyponitsm

In the world we are living, people believe that if two people are married then there is nothing in the world that can break it except divorce. And what marriage is for other people , eating sweets, meeting relatives and watching dance and enjoying the show.

But you see we don't see the truth that is hidden behind all this chaotic drama. When all things, people focus their energy on two people namely the bride and bridegroom, they think that something big is happening to them. The gathering of people only creates a social pressure after which the ritual is performed. It is again hypnotizing the people concerned who are unaware of the ritual being performed but its only result i.e. being bonded to another person. 

If you will see carefully the ritual has nothing to do with two people , it only creates a feeling that something has happened to them, something big. The witnesses(guests) also add to the fact of what they are feeling.
Now the two people have a sense of security and they won't break-up easily over a single fight .... But they will turn their backs after a divorce. Now divorce is again a remedy to this psychological problem, how can a scratch on a paper break the lifelong bond that was built by the ritual during marriage. Its bullshit...
No no not the divorce paper , the marriage... Its just a hypnotism created by the society just to pressurize two people to live together....
Marriage is just like a contract... You sign it when you agree and you can leave the contract at your own free will...... What a great society we have :)
Edit 1: After three years I am updating this and this completely changes the above comment on marriage. Marriage has become an essential element of human society that must be saved. Sure it is hypnotism but the fact that it is not working anymore is why we need to strengthen the bond between people. We need to restore the faith in marriage. I will make an edit when I will think about a solution to this world-wide problem.